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The area around Littlehampton has had a long and varied history starting in prehistoric times with farming and fishing through the Roman occupation and up to the Norman Conquest in 1066 when there was a small hamlet known as Hantone on the site of the modern town. Eventually this name evolved into Hampton and then, at sometime in the 1400’s, the “Little”  was added possibly by mariners to distinguish it from the much larger Southampton which back then was also known as Hampton. Littlehampton has been involved with, at various times, seafaring, shipbuilding, and tourism. Now it is facing the challenges of the 21st Century

Littlehampton has plenty of attractive countryside to the north, east and west which can be easily accessed either on foot or by bicycle. A little further north is the South Downs Way and The Monarch’s Way. There is also the last undeveloped stretch  of beach and countryside between Brighton and Bognor Regis which stretches from the West Beach Nature Reserve and along to the unspoilt countryside of The Clymping Gap where the dunes are a Site of Special Scientific Interest and also has rare Vegetated Shingle Beaches.

lot different to that of the past, there are still reminders of that past and it is interesting to explore down its banks
             My River Arun:

A site about the river Arun and the canals that connected it, at one time, with London and Portsmouth. Information about the walks that can be taken along its banks with plenty of photographs and local history of the river and surrounding areas.

Website all about the river Arun north of Newbridge, the surrounding countryside and the Wey and Arun Junction Canal that helped link London to the South Coast .
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Path Through Wepham Wood
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There are plenty of attractive villages locally, some relatively unspoilt with cottages of flint and stone walls and thatch whilst others have been somewhat subsumed by development. Here are the ones that I have visited so far.

The River is is one of the main reasons for Littlehamptons existence and continues to play a large part in the life of the town today. Although the use the river is put to nowadays is a
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Hi, my name is Chris and I have only lived here since December 2007 but have thoroughly enjoyed it! As well as a pleasant enough place to live with an interesting history there is some quiet and unspoilt countryside to visit nearby as well as some attractive villages. So I decided to create this site giving information about the town and surrounding areas that I have visited. Also as I take a lot of photographs I am using this site as a way of displaying them to a wider (I hope) public. I hope you enjoy your visit.

New Websites
The Littlehampton Fort Project.
Those of you who have visited the Littlehampton’s West Beach will know that there is the remains of an old fort, built in 1854 when there was increased concern about a possible French invasion. Moves are now afoot to restore this site. A website has been set up with lots of useful information and contact information for anyone wishing to volunteer. If you wish to, learn more about this thoroughly worthwhile project visit the Littlehampton Fort Restoration Project Website.
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